Why Your Social Media Strategy Depends on an Audit

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Don’t Be Afraid of Audits

Your depends on the information an audit can give you!

Before you can start developing your social media strategy, it’s important to make sure you run an audit of your accounts.

Don’t freak out!

I know that “audit” is probably one of the scariest words you can hear. Nothing good is ever really associated with it, and it inspires a sense of dread. A social media audit though is nothing to be scared of. Essentially, it’s taking the time to review your accounts in order to see what’s working and what isn’t. Think of it more as a check up than an audit.

Why You Should Do One

The internet moves at an incredibly fast pace. Blink and everything can change in an instant. It’s important to know what’s happening so that you can stay up to date. Right off the top of your head can you say what time of day is best for you to post to Facebook or Instagram? Do you know exactly how many followers you have? How many you had 3 months ago? What your most popular post is?

Don’t worry if you can’t. The whole point of an audit is to find answers to these and many other questions to help you develop a social media strategy to move forward. There’s no point spinning your wheels doing things that don’t work. So an audit can help you save time and energy in the long run.

Audits Aren’t Just About Your Accounts

Know your competition to get ahead!

Social Media is as much about you as it is everyone else. What I mean by that is you don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a competitive landscape where you’re battling for attention and business. So, it makes sense that a big part of your strategy is knowing your competition. That means you should know what other people and companies in your market are up to. What have they been doing recently? What do you like about their strategy? What doesn’t seem to be working for them?

Taking the time to look over competitor social media accounts as part of your audit can help you see what you should be doing and what to avoid. I’m not telling you that you should copy your competition, but it never hurts to take a little inspiration from them and add your unique twist to it.

Audits are Social Media Strategy Corner Stones

Your audit is a crucial part of developing your social media strategy. Knowing what has been working, what hasn’t, and what your competitors are doing will help you determine where you want to go next. All of this information is crucial in deciding what the best practices will be for you moving forward. Because you can use it all to not only develop a plan but also check your progress. I recommend not checking constantly though because it takes time for strategies to take root. Instead, check it monthly to see your overall progress. Compare your progress to your goals to see if you’re on the right track to reach them, and don’t be afraid to adjust course.

The Benefits of Having a Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant can help you reach your goals!

Believe it or not, social media can be a full-time job. Especially if you really want to have a solid understanding of everything that is happening. A lot of people don’t have the time to run their business and worry about every detail on social media. So, a consultant can help you come up with a solid social media strategy and plan execute it. Depending on the size of your business and your needs, you might even want to hire a social media manager. They can help make sure your pages are up to date, implement your strategy, and track the progress to determine quickly what is working and what needs to be done next.

Those are just a few of the benefits that can come from having your accounts audited. Remember, this isn’t a scary thing at all. It’s just getting the information you need to save you a lot of time in building up your brand.