Social Media

Social Media Management and Support

Social media can be a full time job, which can be a pain when you have a full time job on top of that. If you’re looking for a qualified and reliable manager, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a passionate worker who wants to help make your life easier and to grow your business. Let me take over your social media accounts to take a load off your shoulders. Focus on what you do best, and I’ll do what I do best for you!

  • Setting Up Accounts- Just getting started? I can help you set up your social media accounts so you can hit the ground running!
  • Branding Accounts- Trying to decide on your voice and image? I can help you determine the best way for you to present yourself to your fans and clients.
  • Profile Optimization- Already have your accounts sent up? I will help to make sure that your brand is reflected in your accounts and they are optimized to get you fans.
  • Social Media Audits- Think of this like a check up on your accounts. I’ll do a full evaluation of you and your competitors, so you know where you stand.
  • Social Media Strategy- Need help deciding on what your next step is? I can create an easy to follow aligned with your goals, including a content calendar to follow.
  • Daily Posting on Social Media- Don’t want to bother with the hassle of posting all day? I can help create and schedule posts to make sure you have an active presence.
  • Social Media Monitoring- Want to know what other people are saying about you? I’ll search to see what people might be saying about you.
  • Social Media Responses- Customer service is a big part of social media and I know deliver great customer service. I’ll  respond to comments, questions and complaints so you don’t have to.
  • Creating Giveaways and Competitions- Want to grow your followers? This is the best way to build your brand. Let me manage them to get you results that you can see.
  • Crisis Planning- Do you know what to do when things go wrong? I can help you build a strategy to tackle problems you might encounter.
  • Twitter, , and FB Advertising- Have an event or product you want to promote? I can help you build advertising strategies to get the most for your money.