Cosplay Channels You Should Be Following on Youtube

Cosplay can be difficult, luckily there are some awesome channels to help.

Cosplay is probably the best part of going to a . Seeing all of those geeks pouring their passion into amazing costumes and props. There’s so much hard work, creativity, and dedication that they pour into their work just to wear it for a few hours on the con floor. Oh, and trust me when I say some cosplayers truly suffer for their art (heat stroke is a serious danger). While I might not be a cosplayer, I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration for the people who are. That’s why I put together this list of awesome channels that cosplayers should subscribe to. They’re all filled with and tricks from making props, to make up tutorials to picking the right hotel room. So, whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, these channels should have a bit to offer everyone

Evil Ted Smith

This is an amazing channel for props and armor, because Ted Smith is an actual professional prop maker. He’s worked on such films as Star Trek Into Darkness and The Fifth Element. So, it’s pretty clear that he knows what he’s doing. His channel offers a wide variety How To’s, but his armor tutorials are great for people trying to make convincing pieces. He’s got an affinity for using foam but makes it easy to follow along and quickly learn what you should do.

Commander Holly

Commander Holly is relatively well known in the cosplay community, but that’s largely in part to her awesome channel. She’s a great resource for people just getting into cosplay and her Cosplay Class videos are educational and inspiring. It’s a well-rounded channel that doesn’t just focus on costuming but has a ton of other geeky stuff on there. If you’re just getting started in cosplay, you will definitely want to check her out and subscribe to her channel.

Glam and Gore

Cosplay isn’t always pretty, and Glam and Gore definitely proves that. She’s a self-taught special effects artist and focuses mainly on makeup tutorials. Now, don’t think that these are your typical tutorials, because she has a lot of sick and twisted stuff on there. But for cosplayers looking to take things to the next level, she is someone you have to check out. Especially for those aiming to do anything in the horror genre. Her videos are pretty high quality and really easy to follow along with too.


Anyone who does cosplay knows that warbola is a necessary evil. For those that don’t know, warbola is a hardened material that becomes moldable when heated but then hardens again once it cools. Those that do know it, know it’s a real pain in the but. KamiuCosply is an absolute master with the material. Her tutorials are relatively short but are a lot of fun to watch. It’s really a great channel for those looking to take their cosplay into the big leagues and she even has some tutorial books for sale too.

Punished Props

If you’re looking to make that perfect prop for your cosplay, then you need to check out Punished Props. It’s run by Bill and Brittany Doran out of Seattle and their work is impeccable. The best part is that they have a huge backlog of tutorials, so there’s a little something for everyone. Their videos are a great quality and make it easy for even beginners to follow along with. Honestly, this is probably one of the best prop making channels on youtube, so cosplayers definitely want to subscribe to.

Axceleration Cosplay

If you’re looking for a channel that is going to teach you all the in’s and out of cosplay, then this is the one for you. It’s an incredibly well-rounded site that has tutorials on a ton of different costumes from all genres. This isn’t just one of those channels that focus on only anime costuming, she does it all from Snow White to Tracer to Hawkgirl. The best part is that her passion for cosplay really shows in all of her content. This is probably the best all around cosplay channel on youtube.


If you’re new to cosplaying, then you need to stop what you’re doing right now and check out MangoSirene. Her channel is dedicated to helping new and upcoming cosplayers find their way in the world. It covers everything from prop making, shopping for fabrics, photo shoots, and even packing for conventions. It’s the ultimate beginner’s guide and even those with years of experience can find useful tips from her. This is the ultimate cosplay channel on youtube and one that every serious cosplayer should be following.

Those are just some of the dozens and dozens of cosplay channels on youtube. They proved to be some of the best that I could find, but if you know of a channel that cosplayers need to be following then make sure you comment below.

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