Con-Fu’s 2017 Inktober Challenge

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Download Con-Fu’s Prompt For A Real Challenge

Inktober is something that a lot of people, including myself, look forward to every year. It’s a 31-day event through the month of October, where challenge themselves to complete a daily drawing from the horror genre. There are plenty of prompts out there, but a lot of them can be vague and a little bit boring.

That’s why I decided to put together Con-Fu’s first ever Inktober prompt sheet. It’s for those who want a slightly more advanced challenge for the month, but don’t worry it’s meant for artists of all levels to enjoy. Con-Fu’s Inktober prompt starts off easy enough but slowly gets more specific and obscure with its subject matter.

This prompt has everything from vampires, to demons, to the Boogyman himself, and offers plenty of opportunities for artists to get their creative juices flowing. Plenty of these creatures have established mythology, but their image has changed over the centuries depending on the culture and the time period. With all the interpretations of them, there’s plenty of room for you to create a brand new one and really show your vision.

Of course, this Inktober is something that all artists can enjoy, but it’s also an opportunity to show off your skills during a month when everyone wants to see something scary. Use it to show your skills, your creativity, and your commitment to your craft.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself a bit more this Inktober this is a great list. Take a look at it now and give yourself a bit of time to look up some of the supernatural creatures before October starts or download the more detailed prompt. If you do decide to take on the challenge be sure to share your work on our Facebook page or tag us on .


Con-Fu Inktober Challenge